Sounds | How do I make an MP3 Sound file?

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I use my daughter's laptop with the built in mic (no hiss or noise) or my laptop with a Sony mic plugged in. I take the recorded sound file which will be a ".wav" file and drop it into "Audacity" - freeware audio program to tweak the file. Then I export or save the file as an mp3.


  • A quiet room - (no tv, phone or environmental noises, AOL buddy sounds!)
  • Glass of water - to clean and clear the pallet from saliva based noises...sounds funny but they are recorded as well
  • open "Sound Recorder" on the computer (Windows) Start>Programs>Accessories> Entertainment>Sound Recorder
  • prepare a folder on your desktop to save the sound files "POI Alerts"
  • do a few test recordings to check levels (distance from mic to get a non distorted file AND , and your speaking volume as well as speaking cadence)
  • listen to playback for articulation, listen for excessive "P" , "T" and "S"


  1. Record and save the wav file - speak clearly
  2. Drag and drop the wav file into "Audacity" - for editing
  3. Trim off any silent or un-needed space - from the end and the beginning
  4. Export the file as an MP3 - so it can be used by your GPS device
  5. Rename the resulting MP3 file to a corresponding POI file name

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