POI Alerts


I recently downloaded the Rest Areas Combined POI into my Nuvi 350, but it doesn't alert me when approaching a rest area. I checked my settings and Custom POIs is checked, but I'm not getting alerted. What am I doing wrong?


Did you set an alert when you loaded it?

Regular POI files don't alert by default.

If you run POI Loader in Manual Mode instead of Express Mode, you will be prompted to enter the alert distance you desire.

POI Alerts

Thanks. I didn't run it in Manual Mode. Should I delete the POI and then reload it, using Manual?

Yes, that is what I had to

Yes, that is what I had to do on my Nuvi 680.

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Load the POIs

Load the POIs with POI LOader in manual mode and then you can set individual POI files to have proximity alerts with either speed or distance alerts.
Personally, I set the Rest Area file to 5400 ft. and that worked out very well during a very recent 5300 mile trip through 14 states !
Good Luck !

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POI Alerts

Thanks to both of you. I've done as you suggested and it works great now.