Posting "POI'S"


Would anyone confirm, once your poi's have been downloaded onto your unit (nu vi 750),for them to show up on your view map screen,would you have to select it from your "Point of Interest" file on your unit. For example, I've downloaded Best Buy (icon and sound), now if I'm in a area were a Best Buy is located, would the Best Buy icon show up on my unit without me actually going into the POI file and selecting it??
Hopefully this makes sense, it just that I've downloaded so many poi files and just noticed that they do not show up on my view map screen unless I'm actually looking for something.............

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I don't have a nuvi, and there are several previous posts about this if you do a search, but generally you need to be zoomed in less than 300 feet or so before the icons will show up (tested on my 3 streetpilots). If you get less than 200 then the map icons will show as well. This is in the map up view.

Since they show when your are routing, I would assume that you aren't zoomed in far enough. If you are in 3d, then they may not show either.


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Nuvi 350 works this way

In 3D view, custom POI show only if:
The POI has an alert set (speed or proximity) or you are actually routing to that particular POI.

In Track Up, North Up or browsing the map, custom POI's will show if you are zoomed in enough. Others here have stated 300ft or less. On my 350, it is 200ft or less.

In general, custom POI's that have alerts set to them will show in just about all zoom modes and all view modes.

My nuvii 660

On mine, the poi's show up, as well as the alert. I usually use the 3D mode. The zoom value does not seem to affect it unless you zoom way out.