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Help, Audible Alerts not working


I had this setup working just fine. Now for some unknown reason the audible alert has stopped functioning. Here are the details. Please let me know what I am missing....
>>Garmin nuvi 350
>>Using Garmin POI loader version 2.4.2
When loading POI's I select the default 'express' mode.

I am storing all my POI files in a folder called "POI's"
My speed cameras are located in a sub folder called "Speed Cameras (MPH)". Within this sub folder all of my files are named as such:

When viewing the custom POI's on the device it displays the following:
Proximity Alarm
Distance: 1847ft
Speed: 35mph
Everything is perfect right???

I checked the settings and confirmed proximity alerts for both custom POI's and Garmin Safety Cameras are active.
While driving past the speed camera I am getting a visual text alert with a red bar at the top of the screen and I am getting the bitmap image displayed on the map. The only thing not working is the audio alert. All other audio functions of the device appear to be working.

Here is what's really strange. For a while only the speed camera audible was not working. The red light and golf locations were triggering audible alerts just fine. now none of them are working. It all seemed to start going haywire after just one time I tried loading my POI files using manual mode instead of express. I have since removed all POI's and reinstalled using express mode but to no avail.
Let me know what you guys think I should try next. I'm thinking of doing a master reset.

Dodgy mp3 file?

dryheat3 wrote:

Everything is perfect right???

Looks good to me.

If you copy that 35MPH.mp3 to the Nüvi, can the mp3 player play it ok?

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Great idea. I just loaded

Great idea. I just loaded the mp3's unto the nuvi and the speed alerts do not play. There must be a problem with the files. I used an editing program to paste two mp3's into one. The files play on my PC but not on my nuvi.

Ok, now I know where to start.


dryheat3 wrote:

Great idea. I just loaded the mp3's unto the nuvi and the speed alerts do not play.

Just as a double-check, can the Nüvi still play other mp3's?

------------------------ Phil Hornby, Stockport, England ----------------------      - Garmin POI Creation made easy           »      

After loading the suspect

After loading the suspect mp3's into my nuvi it was not able to play them using the built in mp3 player. Next, I used my audio editing program to modify each suspect file and after reloading them into the nuvi they are all working.
I'm really not sure what was wrong with the files. I just opened each file, then selected 'Save As' from the file menu and made a change` to the quality settings before pressing the OK button.
Thanks for that tip!

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