POI File Verifier (for csv files)

POI File Verifier

POI File Verifier is a tool created by RetiredTechnician (Top Notch Computers). The tool checks Garmin CSV files and fixes common formatting errors.

Key Features

  • checks locations to see if their coordinates are in the USA or Canada; identifies duplicates
  • fixes extra columns, commas, and quotation marks that may prevent a POI file from loading correctly
  • includes option to convert line break characters to work correctly on nuvi 350/360

This type of tool is nice to have if you're creating CSV files from scratch or having problems with a file created by someone else.

Visit RetiredTechnician's web site form more information or to download the program.

Uses Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

The program uses Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which can take a while to download and install if it's not already on your computer. It's best to have access to a fast Internet connection while installing this program.

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