Contributors of the week 2008-01-14


This week was a hard one to figure out. There has been a huge increase in the work flow since Christmas. I ran some numbers today and in the last 7 days we have 175 new files or additions to old files. We also added 32 new icons and 25 new sound alert files, I am so impressed by what is happening here.

So this week we are recognizing more people then usual because it was impossible for me to narrow it down to just two. I have chosen to recognize Flaco and Rhythmtip as our Contributors of the week and I am giving Honorable mentions to Belzebut1953 and dznyfan.

Flaco, This week you and I worked behind the scenes creating a POI Package for the Tampa Bay area. Your idea was interesting and it is exciting to have it on the site now. It would be really great to have this type of POI Package for all the Metro areas. I know that in my city there are a lot of great hidden ethnic restaurants that I would love to try but they are not in my GPS. You have started something really great. I also really appreciate all the help you have been giving in the forum areas.

Rhythmtip, You have become my go to guy for sound files. I have been feeling the need to have general sound files for a few weeks now and you jumped right on the project and produced all the sounds I requested in record time. It is nice to have your voice at my beck and call whenever I need it. I promise not to abuse the privilege.

Belzebut1953, You get the award for most improved and most determined to learn how to make POI files this week. I appreciate the fact that you never gave up, you just kept at it until you got it right. Now you are pumping out POI Files like a Pro.

Dznyfan, I was pretty excited to open your email the other day and find all those great outdoor activity icons, they will be used heavily by the community.

Have a great week everyone,

Miss POI

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Congrats to all!

Well done and thanks, keep up the good work.
We all gain from this.

Thanks again!

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Way to Go

Nice going, everyone. Congrats and thanx for all the hard work!

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Congrats and thanks to all for your hard work.

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Thanks for the recogniton

Miss POI, I uploaded the files again after cleaning them up some more, sorry for the blank lines I though they were necessary.

I'm also compiling a few more ethnic restaurants, Colombian, Argentinean, Brazilian and Puerto Rican.

The reason I went for local restaurants rather than major chain restaurants was that those you know their name and can be found in the regular POI loaded in the unit, the locals would be harder to find for someone visiting the area, after all if I go to distant city I rather eat what the locals eat and not at a restaurant I can find in my own town.

Thanks to all for the nice comments.

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Great job guys!

Great job guys! Keep up the good work. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

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Great job! Keep up the good work.

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Contributors of the week 01-14-08

Congrats guys for a job well done

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Just like the NY GIANTS ...

Congrats on a job well done! wink


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Just keeps getting better....

I love to visit this site on a daily basses.,.. It has grown so much in the short time since I've become a member, and it is because of the members interest and input to help others in this growing GPS business.. Thanks to the members that help others and to the peeps that received the awards, they deserved it...


Great job guys!! Keep it up...

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Congrats to all!!

You guys doing all that grunt work is amazing.

Thanks for all your hard work and keep it coming.

: )

Thanks for the Honorable Mention

I'm glad that I've been able to contribute to a great site. Thanks to Miss POI and everyone here for helping to make this a great site to visit, contribute to and learn from.

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Congratulations to all. keep it up!!


Thanks so much for the COW Award. As I always say..."I am just glad to help in any way". This is a great site and such a great community that its hard not to just jump in and do something, anything to contribute. I don't do it for the award, but it is nice to be recognized!!!

Congrats to all of this weeks winners.

MissPOI, feel free to request at will!

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Great Job ! !

You guys are doing a great job. Your awards are well deserved. Thanks for all your hard work.


Concratulations To all Of you for a lot of work nice job Thanks

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Well done

Congrats to all.

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great job

Keep up the good work.

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