Going to Playa Del Carmin Mexico


Hi All I am going to PLaya Del Carmin Mexica which is in the Riveira Maya section of Mexico. I have a Nuvi 660. Will I need to upload maps before I go? It looks like I have some sites in there already from when I uploaded My fodors travel guide.

Also Doeas Anybody buddy know where I can upload any good walking tours?


Unfortunately, the preloaded maps do not include details for Mexico.

If you want/need detailed maps, you will need to purchase them or find free ones.

Here are some options.





Be sure to get something approved to be insert into your NUVI 660.

Have a nice trip

Bring home some POI's

I think the subscribers would appreciate any POI's you collect while visiting MX, such as restaurants, attractions - etc.

I'll try. we are going

I'll try. we are going diving and hiking much of the time.

Do you know how I upload the

Do you know how I upload the maps from http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/catalogue.php?country=152

Does anybody else have free sites?

I spent the holidays in

I spent the holidays in Merida, and used the GPS files from mexicomaps.com. I think I paid $99 for them.

The maps seemed fairly complete for the downtown city area, but are very limited in functionality. You cannot search by address, only by intersection. Also the maps did not recognize one way streets, so in essence they were fairly useless for navigation.

Outside Merida, in other parts of the Yucatan the maps had a lot of errors and missing information, including several newer highways.

Looking back, I think I wouldn't have spent the money, and could have gotten by with simply entering waypoints for the house we rented, where we parked the car, etc.

Most of the cities down there are laid out very logically, with N/S streets being numbered even and E/W streets odd. It's really, really hard to get lost.


It's pretty tough to get

It's pretty tough to get lost in Playa Del Carmen. The streets there, too, are laid out N/S and E/W and you can walk the entire area in a very short while.

Thanks everybody for the

Thanks everybody for the tips. BTW any recomendations for Dive shops down there?

Diving in Playa Del Carmin Mexico

I would not bother diving in Playa Del Carmen take the ferry over to Cozumel for the best diving.

If you are going to dive on the mainland side Pamul is not bad and cheaper then Cozumel.
N20 31.609 W87 11.844.

The Dive shop is in the campground there and give better prices for multiple dives. It’s 11 Miles South of Playa Del Carmen.

I went Diving in Cancun also but was disappointed.

Do you remember the name of

Do you remember the name of the dive shop?