POI files on other sites...


I was just wondering if the files on poi-factory were posted on other sites.. And so I did a Google approach in investigating this.. i do know what is and whats not posted here.. What I found was that some of the files SEEMED to be the same but when reviewing the comparison, they did not seem to be. I also did look for org that you would not find anywhere else and couldn't come up with any.. I truly am amazed at that. POI-Factory does in fact have original files that you can not find anywhere else.. and if you do find them, look at the quality.. This site is the best.. 2nd to NONE!!!!

I enjoy creating POI and Icons for any POI-Factory user.. It is very rewarding to be with this great team of users. From the Sysops all the way to the users.. Lets keep this Site to be the top that it is!!

GOOD JOB to everyone!!!!

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