Saskatoon School Zones

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Last updated 01/28/2008

Raw file: SchoolZones02_R1.csv (18.33 KB)

Includes 368 locations in the following area:

  • Canada: SK

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada School Zones. Each zone is defined by the locations of the signage as derived by the information obtained from the City of Saskatoon's original zone locations using Google Earth for GPS information. The POI will give the user an alarm entering and leaving a school zone and Name of the School. For my own purpose I have a mp3 and bmp associated. There are no internal parameters set. I set them in POI Loader manual mode at 50m which for me works well as it does not find the cross street signs and at 50km/hr finds the sign just entering a zone. I have not site tested each zone. However as I drive our lovely city I hope to update the locations. Given this is my first attempt, I would love everyones feedback. I hope to include Phone, Address etc. in future updates.