MSN v2 Upgrade: Reports and Feedback


Ok, I know there is a lot of hype surrounding recent upgrades to MSN Direct Version 2. My question is for those of us who purchased their Garmins (especially Nuvi 7xx series) without an MSN receiver included. Is this upgrade worth going out and purchasing an MSN traffic receiver for $125.00? The 7xx series does not come with MSN receivers.
I'd like to hear first hand reports of people using these "enhancements" and if it is just more fluff or are they very useful in your day to day GPS travels.

Well, the new 780, when

Well, the new 780, when launched, will have the MSN 2. I got a 760 over Christmas and purchased the MSN, but it only came with MSN 1.

I enjoy the MSN. Since I am not in traffic that much, I don't fully utilize that. The weather is nice to get a 3 day forecast, my wife and daughter love the ability to be driving along and look at movie times at theaters because they are movie buffs. I like the ability to see gas prices, but when you think about it, a .05 savings per gallon is only .75 on 15 gallons hahaha. However, it is nice to see.

I like some of the new enhancements. If you have stockes, you can watch them on a 20 min dealy. National news gets you caught up, if you are ever wondering what is happening in your area, you can check it out on Local Events. The part that I really like is the Web Favorites. With this, you can go onto , type in an address, then send it to your GPS system, but I think you need an MSN hotmail email address, but it is free.

I have used the last function at least 4 times in the few days the upgrade became available.

I guess it's a personal choice, as it's fun and nice information, but can you live without spending $125 and use it on something else? Yeah, but I am still glad I got it.

My personal feeling about

My personal feeling about this upgrade for only the 700 series, I feel all the 680 users should call Garmin and complain that when we purchased the 680 for around $1000.00 when it first came out, that we should also be included with this free update to MSN2.

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

MSN Direct Update from Garmin to NickJr

The MSN Direct Update is available from Garmin now using updater. Two updates are available. One is if you live in Dubai or China. The second, Nick, is just for you.

Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.50:
Reduced signal acquisition time.
Added support for news, stocks, local events, and send to GPS.

I called Garmin support today and was told MSN Direct will be hot when the 780/880 comes out Q2. He mentioned April.

The Nuvi update was quick. When I connected it to the antenna though, it took a full 2 minutes to update the antenna. Everything went perfectly. My 680 has never worked better.

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

I love it! The Gas Prices

I love it! The Gas Prices feature alone starts the payback. My record so far is 30 cents saving per gallon before fueling up because I was able to get nearby station that had a gas "war" going on.

I second the motion with bob about the WebFavorites. That one I have used a ton already.

You get the first 12 months free when you get the MSN Receiver to start with so don't forget after that you have a subscription to consider in your on going costs. So ask me again in a year if I actually pay for the ongoing service. smile

It is going to be only 3 months free for those that buy the 780.

fde1: that Garmin phone tech is completely uninformed. I spoke with Garmin at CES and it isn't going to happen to any other units other than the 7xx. At CES they told me days before it ever got online that there would be an upgrade for existing 7xx owners and it happened. MSN Direct v2 is available today for those with 7xx who have upgraded to v2.5 using webupdater and if they purchased the MSN Direct reciever. No need to wait till April.

I know I have a 680 also and unfortunately Garmin won't ever supply that upgrade but why worry? I didn't get the 680 on the chance some future unknown upgrade was going to be available. I got it for the features it had at the time of sale.

nüvi 680, nüvi 770, Garmin Mobile XT, etc...

The 680 update said it added stocks, etc, but did not?

Interesting that the webupdater installed the software on the 680. Why do that if it does nothing. The info from my post above is a copy/paste from the install screen.

Maybe it is just a cruel hoax to terrorize us Nuvi 680 owners.

Not sure what to say about the Garmin Tech who told me it would work in Q2.

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)

MSN and Nuvi 680

I have the 680 and the upgrade does not provide the MSN V2 functionality. If Garmin can provide it with the 680 software they should. I'm sure MSN would agree as it enhances peoples reason to pay for the subscription but Garmin probably wants you to upgrade so I'm not confident they will ever do it.