Garmin 7xx 10 Route Limit


Is their any workaround the 10 route limit such as loading sets of routes/waypoints on a SD card and then importing or activating a set?

I'd like to have more than 10 routes on the 7xx without having to attach to the computer and download a different set from Mapsource.


You ought to be able to save the route file as a GPX and then copy that GPX file to the SD card.

Then you could delete some of the 10 routes stored in the unit itself and import ones from the card.


OK, Sounds like I can have multiple gpx files on the card and import any one having previously cleared the current set of 750 routes (and perhaps current set of waypoints).


Yes, it should work that way. Create a GPX folder on your card and copy the GPX files to it. (Note that the default Garmin GDB format won't work.) Unless Garmin has done something different, they should all show up on the Import Data list.

And remember, once you reach the limit of the number that can be stored on the unit, you will have to delete some before you can import any others.


Time to buy a card.


Yes it is time to buy a card or a Zumo

Garmin Nuvi 750 & c530 with RT's vol. mod., Vulcan Nomad

10 Routes Plus

Each time you transfer routes to the Nuvi from MapSource it creates (overwrites if it already exists) the Temp.GPX file in the Garmin's GPX subdirectory. I suspect you might be able to transfer as many routes as you wish to the Nuvi at one time and have all stored in the Temp.GPX file. You should then be able to import specific routes as you wish as long as you do not have more than 10 active at any one time.


Multiple Routes

OK, Several things to try when I get the card. I'll contact Garmin and see what they say as well.


Ok, I just tested in on my Zumo. The Zumo holds 50 routes. So, I created a file in MapSource with 65 routes and sent it to the Zumo with the "Send to GPS" button.

All the routes show up in the "Import Data" list. If I select all of them to import, then it tells me that they all can't be stored.

The caveat to this is that the temp.gpx file is volatile. So, a safer solution would be to copy the GPX file to the SD card.

But either method seems to work.

10 is the Limit

Garmin has informed that you cannot store waypoints on the SD card and hence having sets of 10 routes stored on the unit is not possible.


While you can't store waypoints on the SD card, you don't need to send the Waypoints that are in the route for the route to work. They get embedded in the routes. (I almost never send the waypoints.)

That still leaves some future tests

Sometimes I'm just not sure about Garmins response. It always seems to take several emails to get the root question answered.

So I'll get a card and see what I can do. Right now I'm jammed with other priorities so it may be awhile.