GPS for U.S & Asia


Is there a good GPS which can be used in the U.S. as well as in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan? TIA.


GPS can be used anywhere on the globe.

The trick will be finding maps that cover the areas in which you want to travel.

Garmin doesn't have any detail maps that cover Asia.

You could get the WorldMap which is a basic worldwide base map.

You can also look at MapCenter and see what is available for detailed maps.


If I purchase maps from another GPS manufacturer, will the maps be usable on the Garmin as well? Thanks again.




No, you won't be able to use other manufacturer's maps even if they are based on the Naveteq data. The maps are proprietary to each manufacturer.

You must purchase Garmin only maps or find maps that have been made specifically for the Garmins such as those as MapCenter.