Navigon 2100 & 5100 CES 08 Award Winning GPS Navigators


The Navigon 5100 and 2100 GPS Navigators were both recently honored by a 2008 International CES Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the In-Vehicle Accessories category.

Navigon also picked up two other awards for the Navigon 2100 and the Navigon 5100. Quoting the CES Awards Announcement in regard to the Navigon 2100: Slim, easy-to-use and affordable, the NAVIGON 2100 surpasses the basics to deliver an intelligent, premium navigation experience in an innovative package. The Navigon 5100 was described as; Offering state-of-the-art navigation technology in a polished design, the NAVIGON 5100 helps consumers reduce stress and get wherever they need to go more efficiently.

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