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Last updated 01/08/2008

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Vancouver Island's Westcoast (hiking) Trail wayoints.

I have hiked the trail 2x in the mid 90's once from Port Renfrew to Bamfield and the next year from Bamfield to Port Renfrew. The trek leaving from Port Renfrew is a little easier at the start (boardwalk) but as you get about 5 days into the trip you hit the ladders (hard part took us 2days for the ladder section). From the other way you do the hard part first then the boardwalk after. We went in two groups one group at each end, then we would trade van keys when we met on the trail, "half way" time-wise not distance-wise.

All total it was a easy 7 day trip. Pack light!! (my pack was about 60lbs) remember there are ladders that go up about 300', I believe at 100' increments ladders are made out of rail-ties. The highlight is the Falls at Tsusiat River, the falls are about 75'+- (Caution: if you are bringing kids, a little pre-instruction about the waterfalls is good, as most people use the falls o'Natural aka: nude, naked, in the buff etc..usually quite warm water) Bring a camera, I wish I did! I am still trying to get some pics. from a friend of mine I was on the trail with.
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