Please help me plan my trip...


Hi All! I'm in Dallas and heading back to NC tomorrow, but will only be home a couple of days. I've got to plan a serious road trip and wanted to ask for suggestions from those of you who might be on my routes that I'm looking at.

Here's what I have to do and where I have to go:
Tuesday(16th) - drive to Fairfield, NJ from Charlotte, NC

Thursday(18th) - drive to Indianapolis, IN, from Fairfield, NJ

Sunday(21st) - drive to north Atlanta, from Indy

Tuesday(23rd) - drive to Jacksonville, FL, from Atlanta

Thursday(25th) - drive from Jax back to Lake Norman, NC

I've got a graphic of the route from my Street Atlas program here:

Any suggestions would be most welcome. I can't do a lot of sightseeing (heavy sigh) along the way but would like to know if there are any really interesting things to stop and see. I'm going to give my Mio a serious road test alongside my laptop/StreetAtlas/DeLorme combo and see how well it performs compared to the laptop I've used for years.

Anyway, looking forward to your comments.

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I've made the leg between

I've made the leg between Atlanta & JAX once quite a few years ago. If you have a little time, there are a few exits with outlet malls right off the highway - shop 'till you drop...and Vidalia onions were in season, and I bought a bag on the way back home to Iowa...when I made that trip, in South Georgia, not far from the Florida border, somewhere off the interstate, there is a peat bog - and the thing was on fire...a smoky, smoldering fire - and it was the worst stench I have ever smelled in my life - will never forget it.

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Near Wash DC >>>>

If you can detour through Fredericksburg VA it is well worth the trip. It's a small Civil War area city with a very quaint downtown. Nice little shops, Liberty Town Artist Studios is a great place to wander ( Dan Finnegan and Bill Harris are two NOT to miss...have a bite at SammyT's ( right in downtown on Caroline Street...

My wife and I "discovered" F'burg some years ago when our car brokedown on the way to FLA...we stop there every chance we get now smile

Regards, Ted

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Had a long, long, LONG trip.

Had a long, long, LONG trip. 3864 miles in about 10 days. Spent too much time in the wind and snow in Indianapolis, so now I'm sick as a dog. Driving from Indy to Atlanta, then three days of meetings, then drive to Jacksonville for two days of meetings, before returning home, all the time with a bad cold, really made for an uncomfortable end to my trip.

However, I did use the heck out of my Mio C310x. I started out going to NJ and NYC using my Mio, with my laptop on the seat next to me running Street Atlas and using DeLorme's USB GSM antenna to measure the accuracy of the Mio. After making it from there to half way to Indy I stopped using the PC as the Mio was just about as accurate. I still find it takes me down some roads that I wouldn't normally have taken, but it was accurate enough to get me over 3800 miles without getting lost once.

On a side note on the Mio, while traveling I downloaded a custom program onto the SD card that automatically unlocks the Mio, allowing me to modify the contents in Windows CE. I added an alarm clock, which I used a lot as the noise was just so darned aggravating that no one could sleep through that (used it for rest stop naps when I got too tired to drive). I also added custom "skins" to the Mio, allowing me to test out all the custom features that I could with this fine little unit. Was a blast, but found myself playing with it when I should have been paying attention to my driving.

Anyway, I've now put over 100 hours on it, over 4000 miles total, and I don't think I'll ever need another. I think I'm going out tomorrow to buy a second just to have around while they are still so darned cheap!!!

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