nuvi 750 Proximity Alert Problem


I have a low_clearance_safety.csv POI file that contains 312 low clearance locations. For testing I added my current location to the file. None of the locations is encoded with speed information. When loaded with POI loader manual mode and the length set to 5280 feet I get when driving down the freeway a two bell audio alert and a text video alert of the location at about 1 mile distance. The text alert lasts about 20 seconds. Is this the correct and expected behavior?

When I load the same file in express mode the locations default to 1/4 mile and 0 MPH as expected. I get the 2 bells when about 1/4 mile away but no text videodisplay. Is this a 750 bug? Sure seems like it to me.

The 750 and POI loader have been updated to the latest versions.

When I downloaded with POI

When I downloaded with POI loader, I did it manually and set it for about 1200 feet. The POI went into my Extra icon on my 760. I would get an alert and video(the 2 dings) at 1250 ft then another one as I am almost at the red light.

I have not tried downloading anything by express yet


Express defaults to 1319 feet. 2 dings only, for me. There are several turns approaching the location, wonder if that is a factor???

Only did manual at 5280 feet once. don't recall a second 2 bells.

Garmin Contacted

I sent Garmin a email asking for clarification on how alerts should notify the user.


One is a speed/safety alert and the other is a proximity alert.


I loaded the proximity alerts with a length of 1320 and 5280 feet both with manual mode. The user alerts were the same even though the locations appear the same on the 750. It's unfortunate that you have to use the manual mode for proximity alerts.