2 gig SD card $13.95 shipped


Need an SD card for your Nuvi? Buy.com has a 2 gigabyte Kingston card for $13.95, with free shipping. It's a full sized SD card, not a mini or micro. I have no connection with Buy.com except as a customer; I bought two 1 gig micro SD cards from them recently and was satisfied with both the product and the service.

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I need a card for my digital

I need a card for my digital picture frame - thanks for the lead. smile

be careful with free ship

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from buy.com and everything said free shipping. I got to the checkout and there was no shipping...then the statement had 19 shipping and handling...this was 3 weeks ago I still have not gotten though to them to take it off.. They have great deals..But watch for secret code you have to enter to get your free shipping..

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I have ordered through them

I have ordered through them several times in the past and have never had any serious problems. You post was timely for me because I was just thinking that I needed a source for cheap SD cards and was about to start searching.


2 gig sd

At is a good price thanks for the info