Where to send downloaded files


I am new to this, but, I downloaded a file on my Nuvi 350 and it went to My Locations, Custom POI's. Can I send these downloads to a different place. For instance, if I download golf courses, can I send it to golf courses. If I download Disney World, can I send it to attractions?


If you are asking whether your Custom POIs can be "mixed" in with the pre-loaded POIs, the answer is "No". They are kept in different places on the GPS unit.

You can, however, create your own categories under Extras by placing your POI files in folders. The folders become the categories.

Where is the "Extras" you

Where is the "Extras" you are referring to and where are you talking about creating categories, on my computer or GPS?


Sorry, I forgot that on that unit they show up under My Locations and not Extras.

The categories show up under Custom POIs on your GPS unit, but you create the folders on your computer.

Here's how I create categories.

You can have subfolders under your main folder, if you want. The folders will create categories. You can't have more than one level of subfolder. The files themselves will create the subcategory.

For example, it might look like this.

> My POI (Main folder)
>> IHOP (subfolder)
... IHOP.csv
... IHOP.bmp
>> National Parks (subfolder)
... National Parks.gpx
... National Monuments.gpx
... National Recreation areas.gpx
... National Parks.bmp
... National Monuments.bmp

In this example, IHOP and National Parks show up as categories and then under National Parks, the subcategories of National Parks, National Monuments, and National Recreation Areas show up.

Here are some screenshots of what it would look like.

This is a shot of the folder and files on my computer.

This is how the first level shows up on my Zumo.

When I select the National Parks category, this is what I get.

Then if I select National Monuments, I get this.


O.K. I'll try that and see if it works for me. Thanks for the help!

nuvi 200 POI

I am having trouble understanding where my downloaded POI go. I downloaded the cemetary POI for Kansas. When I search for Cemetary using the text search, two of the six POI show up. I use POI Loader program but I have no idea where it put the file or where to find it on my unit. Any help here gang. Obviously I am new.


The Custom POIs that you download to your computer and load to the GPS unit do not end up with the preloaded POIs and thus cannot be searched along with the preloaded POIs. You have to search both databases separately.

On most Garmin units they are under Where to? > down arrow > Extras > Custom POIs.


Very cool MM that is exactly where they were. Thank you so much.