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I just got a Nuvi 200 for Christmas and I really like it. The only complaint that I have is the terrible documentation. Today, I accidentally touched something and got a screen that enabled me to put in my Home address. I have no idea what I touched, nor how to get back to that screen. I have searched every screen that I know of. I think that there must be a lot of undocumented capabilities.

Has anybody found any documentation on the Garmin site? I received a 16 page fold out booklet with the unit that is pretty worthless.

Thanks for any help.

Manuals download

You can download the manual for your device at the following URL.

That being said, it looks like it's the 16 page fold out you're talking about. :-/


Finding this site is probably better than original documentation, and it goes beyond what you would find in the non-existent manual anyway. Good luck.



Try the help files on the unit itself

When you have some free time, like sitting in the car waiting for someone, try going through the help files on the GPS unit itself. They actually are not all that bad and do cover all the options and settings, where as that "manual" we got barely covers even a fraction of the available settings.


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Thanks, I'll try it.

Thanks, I'll try it.

If you have some time to

If you have some time to waste, you can also copy the content of the help files and create a Word document from them. With your Nuvi connected to your computer via the USB cable, look at the GARMIN folder on the Nuvi. There you will find a folder named HELP. Copy this entire folder to your computer. Then, working with the copy (not the original file on the Nuvi, lest you do something awful to it), open the HELP folder. You'll see folders with the various languages. Open the folder for your language (American_English, for example) and inside you'll find the help files. There are 46 in American English. You can open any of them with Notepad, delete the extraneous material (various instructions enclosed within < and > signs, which I cannot include here since this board will see them as html tags), copy just the text, and paste it into a Word document. I have done this for the files numbered 1-20, and would be happy to share this partial guide with anyone who's interested. If anyone wants to do the remaining files (starting with #21) to complete the guide, have at it. Otherwise, I'll probably get around to it sometime soon.

Here, if it works, is a link to the file I put together:

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Documentation for Nuvi 200

This GPS magazine article provides reasonable details for the nuvi 2xx series.

GPS Magazine review of Nuvi 250/250W

That's an excellent find, onceaking. Thanks so much for posting the URL to such detailed info about the Nuvi 250/250W.

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My thanks to all of you

My thanks to all of you folks for the great information.