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At the top of most, if not all, pages on this fantastic website is a window labeled Seach. This is a good place for all newbies to start. If you have a question, please check this out before posting. Not only will you probably get your question answered, you'll probably find the answer to the next question you were going to ask. There's also the FAQ link. Gobs of good information here.

This morning I had two pages of unread threads, most of which have been answered over and over again. Not only would using these site features help with this problem, it just might reduce the site traffic enough that JM and Miss POI won't have to 'spend' for a new Server right now.



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LIttle facelift

Maybe, make the search, getting started and faq links more obvious on the site. As it is, Search box blends in to the background above, Getting Started & faq are not emphasized on top.

Maybe switch the placement of getting started and faq with poi files and red light. This makes the text related stuff highlight above and the downloads
on the 2nd level.

just a thought.

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We have added that to our to

We have added that to our to do list, thanks for the ideas, right now we have to focus on our server issues.

Miss POI

Make "Search" mandatory

I agree with RT regarding the huge amount of repetitive posts, but I also agree with Miss POI in that we need to be a bit patient with newbies. However, I have an idea that I think I may have suggested this before ... what if a mandatory search is forced when someone clicks "create content/forum topic"?

Furthermore, maybe JM could have the site perform a search based on the subject line ... if results are found, the post is bounced back to the creator with recommended reading.

Just a thought ....

repetitive posts

That is like something Alltel does.When you hit contact and write your message it gives you possible answers to the problem you can read before sending on the message.This would be a good approach and still allow you too to post your message if the provided answers does not clear up your question.

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You're just too damn popular.

I'm new and really like your site. It's easy to navigate, has good info, and everyone seems so helpful and friendly. Thanks for putting up with all of us newbies. BTW, the search feature is great.

Something else that might reduce traffic on your server:

Something else that might reduce traffic on your server:

On the Unread Posts page, in addition to "new" and "skip", can you add "ignore"?

That would enable us to indicate which threads don't interest us and reduce the workload on the server as opposed to us clicking skip a bunch of times.

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GPS Model

Display the users' GPS model from his profile as oppose to the signature. It will facilitate responding to their questions. Seen quite a few answers to newbie questions only finding out later that their referring to another brand/model of GPSr.

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