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Could anyone please advise what I need to do to get my map unlocked.
I have a nuvi 660 and have two maps that I use Australia and New Zealand. The Australian map is the default installed map and I use the NZ map on an SD card.
I have received updates for both maps – The NZ map I used “Map Source” to load onto the SD Card – No problems I can load Way points etc.

The Australian map that is the default map in the unit also updated – no problem. I then loaded the map onto my computer. I can load up the map in Map Source – however it shows “Map Detail Locked”.
I have loaded several times the “Unlock Code” from Garmin – with no joy. It will not unlock the map.
Does anyone have any ideas.
Thanks Rod


Can we get some more information from you?

Did you receive the full DVD for the Australia maps with your nuvi?

What about the NZ map? Is this one that you purchased separately on DVD/CD and have installed to your own SD card for use in the unit?

Do you have the full MapSource program installed on your computer?

The unlock code you are trying to use ... did this come with the update or with the original map?

The Australian map came

The Australian map came originally with the unit - loaded on, it is full map. The update is a CD Disc and has latest detail - was loaded direct into Nuvi.

NZ map was purchased seperate (at time of purchase of the unit)- the update is also a CD Disc. I then load the NZ map onto computer then onto SD card with Map Source and unit reads from this SD.This is working great.

Yes Map Source is fully loaded on computer and is latest 6.13.6

The unlock code is the unlock code from Garmin. The original Australia V7 had a different unlock code - When V8 was loaded Garmin supplied new unlock code.

Every thing works OK except that the Australian V8 map loads up into Map Source but will not show detail, only major roads towns etc. and requests an unlock code - I have tried the code from Garmin - No joy


Ok, the one question I still have is did you get the full DVD (or CD) version of the Australian maps with your unit so that the original Australia maps would be loaded to your computer?

The reason I ask is that the North American nuvis don't come with the City Navigator DVD and thus those users cannot access the CN North America maps in their MapSource. So I'm wondering if this is what you are seeing.

Since you purchased the NZ maps separately, I'm guessing that this is where your MapSource came from.

Did you have the v7 maps unlocked in your MapSource before you tried to update them with v8? If not, this is the problem.

OK. No I did not recieve a

OK. No I did not recieve a copy of the Australian V7 map - just the map in the system with orginal purchase.

V7 Australia was not on my computer - I had no disc.
V8 was a disc.

NZ V7 - Yes I had disc (purchased at same time with unit) and loaded V7 version on computer system all ok - then loaded V8 and unlocked with no problem.

Problem is only with Australia map - on computer


Yeah, if you never had the full version of the Australia maps on your computer, then I don't think you can use the update to "install" and update them on your computer.

Ok I suspected that was the

I suspected that was the case.
Thanks for your help anyway Motorcycle Mama


Try searching for another copy of Mapsource.exe on your computer. The Australia and NZ might have installed its own copy of mapsource, and one of them might have the option of letting you choose between Australia and New Zealand.

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