Bread Crumbs


What uses do you folks have for a cookie or bread crumb trail to see where you've been? I test drove a Nuvi 760 for a few days with that feature and I personally don't have a "use" for it. I am a commercial driver, no routes, I drive 12 hours a day minimum to new 10-12 new addresses each day and i still didn't see where that feature would benefit me. question


Multiple Destinations

I find it useful to optimize a route with multiple destinations when I have several locations to visit in a day. I also found it a good tool for planning how many stops are reasonable in day.


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The bread crumbs are very useful when you use the 760 as a pedestrian in geocaching or the where did I park feature.

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Routes may be useful if you have to avoid roads where commercial vehicles are prohibited such as NY parkways. Roads with low clearance. Creating routes in advance may save you time on the road.

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Topo maps and hiking

Its most useful with topographic maps and hiking. Man, I wish my 200 had that feature. Its about the only thing I find it lacking.

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Off-Road use

If you do any kind of off-rd adventures (mountain bike, 4x4, snowmobile, PWC) it can come in REAL handy for getting back.


I guess the Nuvi 350 doesn't have this feature? I think it would be cool for hiking

When I go geocaching with my

When I go geocaching with my daughter, it is fun to look back on the tracklog of her GPS and see where we went. This is the only use of this feature for me. My daughter will be driving soon. It would be nice to see where she was, and how fast she was going, but that is a topic for a year from now.


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