Creating Voice Files and uploading.


I created a file called it McDonalds that says" #2 with coffee, no cream, no sugar"

When I leave home, click favorites, Mcdonalds and hit go.
When I pull up the drive thru, I hit again and click dial, and it spits you "#2 with coffee, no cream, no sugar".
Pisses off the girl at the drive thru that she has to speak to a machine to take the order.


I have to say turn-about is

I have to say turn-about is fair play. I hate coming up to the window and having a nice voice greet you and suggest some of the new products, then when you start to order a surly half-inteligible voice is found to be the actual employee.

You bring us one step closer to machine / machine communication doing our bidding. A verbal analog to those people who hand you change, carefully avoiding brusing your hand.


Paul Jaruszewski /