alert sounds for POI"S


Hello everyone, would anyone be able to assist me on how to attach an alert(sound/icon) to a poi I've just downloaded, I'm not sure if you need to make an new folder for the alert or have both in the same folder as your poi's........once I solve that issue do I copy the name of the poi and attach to the alert?? I think I'm close but would appreciate a little help. Sorry I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to computers .


Alert Sounds

For example, if u had downloaded the redlight-camera.csv file, and u have an alert tone that is alerttone.mp3...

1. Put both files in the same folder
2. rename the mp3 to the same name as the csv u will then have redlight-camera.mp3

You can only have one alert tone.

Hope this helps.

thanks for your help!!

grin thanks for your help!!