Trouble Loading POI's to Roadmate 2200T


I have read the comments in the various folders. I have tried using all of the suggestions that were given and still I have not luck in loading the poi's to my 2200t. The Magellan roadmate tool keeps telling me, "no unit detected."

Some body, Please help me if you can. I have spent hours and days trying to solve my problem and still I have had no success.

And get this I spoke with Megellan tech support today and they told me, "all I need to do is get a scandisk and then It will work." So I went out and bought a 1 gig SD card and I still can't download or get the Magellan software to detect my gps.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Loading POIs

A few questions first.
What firmware version is your 2200T?
Do you have your GPS turned on when you plug it in to your USB cable?
Have you tried loading the POI mgln files directly onto the sd card (rather than into the GPS memory) using a card reader, then inserting the sd card into the GPS and reading your enhanced POIs from the SD?
Do you have your firewall and virus checker turned on? Sometimes this will create problems with your computer seeing peripherals? ZoneAlarm has done this to me on occasion, depending on how high I have my security settings.
What operating system are you running on your computer? W2K and XP will work, Vista may not
The only issue I have ever had with my 2500T (Crossover) reading/loading POIs was one speed trap file, which I never bothered with anyways because none of the locations (Texas)was where I travel.
If you upgrade your 2200T to a 2500T there may be some compatibility issues with your Magellan software- Check the various forums for those issues.
Lastly, don't waste too much time on looking to Magellan for support- It seems they have never really defined what that means.
Good luck!!

Trouble loading POI's

If you have updated to firmware ver 2.14, then you need ver 3.50.09 of the Magellan Tools.

You can get it here:


Norm - Nuvi 750

What computer setup are you using?

If you are using a PC (notebook/desktop), have you ever connected a usb device (like a usb memory stick or digital camera) to it successfully?

If you have, then you may want to check the usb cable that you use for the gps.

If you never have, if could be an issue with your computer setup. If you are not comfortable working with the setup/configuration, you may want to get some tech support on it to configure the usb connection.

I apologize in advance if I am wrong in assuming that you are not a computer nerd.



We have four computers at home, and 1 did not recognize.

If you have a usb hub, disconnect and plug it directly.

Use the SD card with a card reader rather than hooking it to you're GPS and reading it from there.

Thanks For your help guys

The solution to my problem was to upload the newest firmware version.

Thanks for all of your help and suggestions.