Which Traffic Antenna is Best


I had a Streepilot 2820 and just moved over to a SP 7200. I love it and esp like that it can handle my MP3s and run the XM radio. Since I have XM already plugged in and running, I added the XM Nav Traffic and Weather package. Problem is... it seems pretty wimpy. The weather portion is great ... matter a fact, it will almost always warn me of a Thunderstorm Warning in my county several minutes before the radio will announce it. But the traffic is rarely accurate. Is the FM Traffic better? Is there a way to use both?

FWIW - I'm in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

My Thoughts

I have TMC traffic on a nüvi 660 and nüvi 760. It has been very good and saved me a great deal time and prevented me from missing important events, like airline flights.

I have not used MSN, but did a fair amount of reading on both systems. What I have read tends to favor the TMC method of data collection and coverage advantage.

I would not be interested in the movie time information and the fuel prices would not be a deal breaker for me either. At home, I have a fairly good idea who the gougers are and can always check fuel prices on the internet. When traveling, I usually need to fill up wherever I am and once before returning a rental car.

We all tend to favor what we are familiar with and have had success using. I have looked at getting an MSN receiver just for the experience. I continue to have seamless good success with the TMC traffic receiver. When I wonder why the GPS didn't route me onto the freeway, I find out that the freeway has delays that the traffic just avoided behind the scenes without me having to get into trouble first. When I go home, I have the GPS route me home and know the traffic situations by which of three routes the GPS has chosen. That's one less thing for me to have to thinks about.

I'm sure that you will get good feedback from others with different receivers or experiences.


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Which Traffic Antenna Is Best

I have both a TMC and XM. Unfortunately, I haven't really figured out which is best. The XM has provided false information before. However, the TMC is very slow to download data when you are coming from a rural area into the city. I drove into the Washington, DC area Thursday and was nearly at my hotel in Arlington, VA before the TMC received the first download of data.


I have the XM NavTraffic and vastly under-impressed with it.

In several long trips it has only showed a delay twice and it was a MAJOR delay. Like the highway closed down for a helicopter to land.

Other than that, I have been stuck in traffic many, many times with absolutly no indication of any problems reported by XM.

When my current subscritpion is up, I won't be renewing.

Now.... we bought my wifes parents a Navigon 5100 with the free traffic services on it and it shows many delays and construction on the screen. Som much more than the XM reports that I could scream knowing I'm paying for the XM Navtraffic and wasting my money.

What I don't know for sure is exactly what type of FM traffic service the Navigon uses.

But whatever it is... it's good.


Thanks for the great

Thanks for the great information guys! I kind of felt that I might not be getting my money's worth on the XM NavTraffic so I will probably cancel it. Its kind of neat to have it bundled with the weather and stuff but the only time I use that feature is when I'm showing off what the unit can do to someone else.

Which Traffic Antenna Is Best

After this last post, I went to the Garmin web site and downloaded the latest updates for my 660. That included an update to the TMC system. Wow what a difference. I now receive data from a distance of 60 miles.


real radio and when you actually see traffic is the best, MSN Lies


How long ago was the TMC

How long ago was the TMC updated?