storm in oklahoma


as u have read and seen on tv, ok has been hit by a real ice storm. over 1/2 million out of power. trees down and blocking many roads. my gps showed me many different routes arond blocked streets. i never thought id love to hear the voice of my c530 girl friend say "recalculating".

And that is why we cant live

And that is why we cant live without her now! Even in my own city, I don't know all the backstreets and I have had to use the GPSr to reroute me cause of traffic or accident.

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So Robert, you survived the parachute plunge...

... and that sweet voice recalculating all the way down, and now you complain about a little ice getting in your way?

I always thought Oklahomans were OK - toughing it out and all. No?

(written, as I sit on my deck in 80 degree weather here in NC, looking at my impatients still blooming along with a few roses, and thinking back to my days of yesteryear dealing with Boston winters...)

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please u know u cant scuba

please u know u cant scuba dive in this weather u have to wait till spring but if u miss it ill send u some of this weather lol