Garmin or TomTom


Which is better?

Garmin Nuvi 200 or TomTom One Third LE?

Oh boy!

I am a huge Garmin fan (I'm happy with their products AND customer service), but I am very confident you will get people vouching for both. It is often a matter of personal preference and the deal you can get.

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Why would you ask such a question

when you are in the mists of garmin zombies???

Garmin 200 for sure

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A rule of thumb I once heard

A rule of thumb I once heard was, "Garmin in the States, TomTom in Europe."

That's kinda like saying, "Longhorns in Austin, the Aggies in College Station."

I refrain from speculating UCLA or USC in Los Angeles.

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Garmin All the way

Nuvi 200

Bruins all the way

of course

G vs TT

backasswards wrote:

Which is better?

Garmin Nuvi 200 or TomTom One Third LE?

Garmin is getting much higher accolades than TT; you may wanna check

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Either or...

I went with the Garmin because of their excellent support. I was not disapointed. I bought the Nuvi last week. Two days after getting it I called to get the Mapsource DVD. "Sure, I'll order that for you right away. Is there anything else I can help you with?", the man said. I made the right choice. Either way, I don't think you'd be sorry with the Tom Tom if thats what you choose.

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Garmin for me!

I'm very pleased with my Garmin. My friend has used a Garmin on his boat for tracking fishing sites off Montauk Point, NY for over 10 years and the unit is still working great!

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Garmin all the way.. I've

Garmin all the way.. I've had two units the 660 and 680 and both have worked great and their tech support is outstanding, they will try thier damm best to work any issue out with thier products. My personal opinion based on several calls to tech support.

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Garmin For Me

I have had four Garmins and just purchased a Nuvi 750. It's Garmin all the way for me. I have nothing but good to say about their products and support. Check out GPSr's on

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