Canada and US Coverage?


I'm intending to get a GPSr for a friend who lives in Canada (BC) but crosses into the US frequently, so she'd need good coverage of both US and Canada. Can anyone fill me in on what models from experience have good map coverage of both areas, or if maybe a different manufacturer than Garmin might be preferable for this? Thanks!

Canada and US Coverage

Garmin Nuvi 200 Thur 770
Garmin SP 2720 Thur 7500
Garmin SP C310 Thur C580
Or Accually Any One Of Garmins Units Will Do the Job depending On what you want to Spend

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Not Nuvi 200

The 200 and 200w only cover the US. You'd have to go to the 250 to get all of North America. You can buy all of North America for the 200, but its cheaper just to go with the 250 or higher right away.

Chuck - Nuvi 200, Nuvi 255W

Or you could have bought the 200 ...

Or you could have bought the 200 just before the 2008 maps came out and gotten Canada free!

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Thanks for the info

Opted for the C580---found a great price for it on Amazon that was less than I spent on my C340! And unlike me, she's in an area that has traffic coverage, so she'll get a benefit from it.