GMT-20 receiver problems


I seem to be having a lot of traffic receiver problem.
The red light indicates no connection frequently and blinking orange for station search. I have looped the antennna (power cord) over the mirror and that used to help sometimes. I think it is connector problems on the cord or mount.

Hope to hear your experience.

Here's a good link to traffic transmitters

To be sure you're in range of a GTM-20 transmitter, click below.

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I know I am in range of a ground station. This occurs throughout the Houston area and is repeatable.

Maybe it's the receiver

You should be getting good reception in the Houston area.

I travel in the DFW and surrounding areas and have not had a problem with reception.
I mount my c550 way below the windshield, in a cubby hole with portable friction mount under climate controls and fwd of the center console in a ford explorer. I have the GTM-20 cable wrapped up (bow-tie style) to shorten the length so it's just right when the unit is mounted and plugged into the cig lighter receptacle. I also use it similarly in a Camry, mounted low and fwd of the center console and never had a problem around town or on a trip from Tx ► NYC and back.

Try this to isolate the problem;
Have the gtm connected to your gpsr. Stand outside of your vehicle with the pwr (receiver) end just dangling or just hold in one hand, then turn on your gpsr. Give it enough time to start receiving the traffic fm should get something within 3-4 mins max, but give it more just to see if it reacts differently than when plugged into the car. You may want to try this at a couple locations around town.
If it works outside of the car try it inside of the car, with the receiver end still unplugged from the car.
If you get traffic info without being plugged into the car, then try cleaning the cig recp. at the car and gtm end. Try plugging in the receiver, if it doesn't work, turn off the gpsr, unplug from car and slightly rotate and plug back in, then turn on the gpsr. Try a couple times slightly rotating the plug.

Are you on the free trial period or did you subscribe to the service?
Obviously, when plugged into the car it is charging your gpsr, otherwise I'd say check the fuse.

If you still get nothing, contact garmin and request another gtm.

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