Downloading POI's to SD Card- Using Garmin c330


Hi Everyone,

I just received my new Garmin c330 and I'm having a little problem accessing the POI's that are on my SD card. I used POI loader to add them to the card, but when I try to find specific POI's by spelling their name, it can't find it. None of them. I know the database is on the card because I can see it. Why doesn't the GPS see them on there?

When you insert the SD card, does the GPS do anything to indicate that it found it?


searching for custom POIs

On my StreetPilot i2, there is a separate search for custom POIs. The menu location may be a little different on c330, but I suspect the process is similar.

  • Select "Where To?"
  • Select "Food, Hotels, and More"
  • Select "Custom Points"

If I've loaded just a single category, I see a list of nearby custom POIs. I also have an option to search for POIs from this screen:

  • Select "[Spell]"

On my i2, the "[Spell]" option lets me search custom POIs by name.

Are the custom POIs showing up in a similar spot on your c330?


Still having trouble

I've tried several things now, but still not having any luck...

I tried loading directly to the GPS and POI loader said it worked. The Custom POI option is now available under the My Locations screen (I don't think it was there before). Nothing is found when I go to this screen.

Then I tried with the SD card again. Nothing found that way either. Weird.

I used the delete file found on this website, then tried to load the Parks file to the GPS. POI loader said that there wasn't enough room on the GPS. The file is pretty small at 2.27 mb.

Reinstalling the drivers/POI loader has made no difference either.

Anyone have any ideas? This is strange. It seems like the unit is not able to see the SD cards (I have tried to different ones). Thanks in advance smile

SD Card on c330

From what I've seen elsewhere, it looks like the only way custom POIs will work on c330 is if you load them into the GPS via USB cable. I haven't seen anyone reporting success with loading them onto an SD Card.

On Garmin's web site, I noticed a recent c330 update that might be helpful. The description for version 5.30 says:

> Fixed problem with the custom POIs being incorrectly loaded to the unit

If you're comfortable updating the firmware in your unit, you might see if it helps solve your problem.

Here's a link to the c330 update on Garmin's website:

StreetPilot C330 Unit Software

I don't know how much free space there is on the c330 internal hard drive, but you might try a smaller POI file. If it turns out to be a space issue, I can create a smaller parks file for you (with just locations in your area).


Loading POI's onto the c330

Thank you for your help! You were right on the money.

I downloaded the software update you desribed and it works just fine now. I also think you were right about the POI's on the SD card. That still doesn't work, but it is easy to load directly to the GPS.

Thank you so much for the advice. I'll have to see how many POI files I can fit on the unit.


You can check to see if you

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POI's on SD card- c330

I just received confirmation from Garmin that you cannot use POI's loaded to an SD card with the c330. The SD card can only be used to update your unit with Europe maps.