School Zones for Oregon and south west Washington

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Last updated 12/03/2007

Raw file: School_Zone.csv (670 bytes)

Includes 9 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: OR
  • some may be in: WA (near a border)

My focus is on public schools, schools that have School Zones. I find that while driving I get into School Zones before I relize that I am in a School Zone. The School Zones here just dont jump out at me to let me know that they are there. On one road that I was traviling on the speed limit was 45mph then I came up on the School Zone which the speed limit was 20mph and there was not much notice til I was into the School Zone. Some School Zones have the lite up speed signs which really help get my attention but most do not. There have been many School Zones that I only noticed as I was leaving the School Zone seeing the sign stating "End Of School Zone" but never saw a sign stating "School Zone Ahead". I have found that even some day cares have School Zones which I dont under stand, but not all day cares have School Zones. I have added all the public schools for Washington county of Oregon but need to add coordinates. I plan to go to each location to get the coordinates in the middle of the school zone. This will work out best in the summer time where I can ride my bike to each location. Always looking for a destination to ride my bike. But I do plan to work on the closer schools this winter from my car. I have all not-ready-for-use POIs commented out in the CVS file. As I get completed info I remove the comment. Sence I want the coordinates in the middle of the School Zone I need to go to each location to find that coordinate. I find that if I were to just use the address that I find I run into problems like getting the mailing address, or more common the coordinates I get are not in the middle of the School Zone.