cell phone law in driving

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

Not certain what you're asking about

Morning Davidlee!

I've read the blog page about California banning hand-held cell phones while driving starting in 2008.

I'm new here myself but I though I'd take a stab at your question.

Many of the newer GPS receivers come Bluetooth capable and if you own a Bluetooth capable cell phone you will have the ability to place and receive calls through the GPS receiver.

Thus, you are are "hands free".

There are no specific "files" that I am aware of that would be required to use the Bluetooth features.

It's merely a matter of setting the functions for the cell phone to communicate with the GPS and then just follow the on screen prompts on the GPS.

I suppose you could write a .csv file for your cell numbers; but, if talking while driving with a cell phone in your ear is considered "distracting" by California law, so would be driving and touch screening the GPS unit looking for a cell phone number would be equally distracting I should imagine.

In fact, I should think trying to touch screen a GPS receiver while driving is far more distracting since it requires taking the eyes off the road. Perhaps that's the next step in the mind of politicians.