So. Cal Mountains

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Last updated 11/28/2007

Raw file: so-cal-mountains.csv (16.83 KB)

Includes 395 locations in the following area:

  • United States: CA

Here is a list of 395 Southern California mountain tops, peaks, hills, summits, rocks... that were listed in Garmin's Topo 2008 product. It contains just about all the mountain symbols roughly between Santa Barbara, Big Bear, Palm Springs and San Onofre. Also included are mountain tops on the offshore islands.

I just added text like 5k to indicate the peak is roughly 5000 feet above sea level. Actually, an example would be 5k would be for elevations of 4501-5500'. I found staring at a large mountain range some distance away doesn't work too well. Now, you can "spell" (once in this POI file) something like 9k to find the really tall peaks, even if they are far away. Actually, 9k lumps all peaks above 8501' including our infamous Mount Whitney @ 14426'.

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