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I've been experimenting with the red light camera csv file. Of course I'm confused... Why do the coordinates for all the entries not represent the actual ( or very close ) location that the camera shows up on the Nuvi map? I've inputed the coordinates from the csv file into google earth and I get a completely different location and yet, it shows up in the correct intersection on the nuvi's map.

incorrect coordinates entered?

How did you get the coordinates into Google Earth? (because it doesn't support csv files directly). Maybe you've mistyped them - or got Google Earth set to a different coordinate system?

You could try using the Trial version of my GeePeeEx Editor to do this job. Open the csv file and then hit "F3" - Google Earth should open with all the POI's loaded into it.
There is also an integral Google Maps display that will let you see them one at a time. (Neither functionality is restricted in the Trial version).

Google seem to tend to use Navteq mapping for North America, so I would expect a good match. If you're still seeing major discrepancies, let us know!

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Take a look at this

Take a look at this thread:

Most likely you are not using the same format (ie. DMS vs. DD). Google Earth uses a different format by default then the Garmin GPSrs, so a cut and paste with out the conversion will result with the coordinates significantly off.

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That's a great little tool! It showed that the coordinates are correct so it must be something that I am doing wrong. Thanks for the help and telling me about GeePeeEx! Cheers!

Not all maps are equal :)

Different sites (yahoo, google, mapquest) will give you different lat/longs. Try this site out for an example of this. Enter your address and click submit. You'll see that each site reports slightly different coordinates.


Thanks. I think that is my

Thanks. I think that is my problem. I searched but missed that post. Thanks for the help!

Google Earth

If you go to Tools|Options in Google Earth, you can select "Decimal Degrees" in the "Show Lat/Long" 'panel'. That way, it's more likely to be compatible with the majority of Garmin-related coordinates you encounter.

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Google Lat/Long

You might try this site below to get Google lat/long.
It seems to be very close.


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try this

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GPS coordinates

Without knowing exactly how far off the actual locvation was, also keep inmind that different GPS systems have their accuracy off (some more than others. This could also translate into a difference in location.