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I am traveling to Italy and borrowed the marcopolo southern europe POI for my nuvi 350 from a friend. The unit will read the gpi file from the SD card, but does not ask if i want to load the file to the unit. I do not want to take the card with me for fear of losing it, but the only way it seems to work is using the original SD card. I tried copying the file to the poi folder in the GPS but it does not read it. Copying it to another card does not work either. It will only read the original card. Are these SD cards locked to prevent using them on another GPS or am i doing something wrong? Its there any way to get my GPS to read this file without using the original card?

softail123 wrote: Are

softail123 wrote:

Are these SD cards locked to prevent using them on another GPS

SD = Secure Digital

So you can probably use the SD card in any GPS/PC etc. But the contents won't work in the gpsr, if they're not on their original card.

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I thought that the secure

I thought that the secure part was controlled with additional software that is on the card, but not sure of that.

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I wonder if we could do a snapshot like ghosting pcs, than image it onto another SD card. like most cases, a simple transfer won't work. It's like trying to transfer a dvd onto your system w/o any patches or cracks. It just won't work w/o the right tools.