Should c530 work with Easy GPS software?


I am trying the Easy GPS software that you can download for free, and it does include the Garmin c530 in the list of compatible GPS devices.

But the software doesn't seem to be interacting with the c530, even though I've correctly set it up according to the instructions.

I tried created a waypoint, and then tried to "send" it to the Garmin. When I do this, it wants to save a .gpx file to my computer. Since I actually want to send this file to the c530, I navigate my way to the Garmin, and click OK.

Next, to see if it worked, I shut down Easy GPS, and relaunched it. Then I told Easy GPS to "Receive" waypoints from the c530, and nothing happens. It doesn't give me an error, but it also doesn't receive the waypoint I supposedly just transfered.

When I try to find the saved waypoint directly through the Garmin, it is nowhere to be found. Not in my POI files, or anywhere else that I can see.

Any ideas?

C530 with TTS mod


if you email the garmin customer support you can get the City Navigator. You need to be registered on the website and have your gps system activated in order to do this. They actually sent me a dvd with the software on it. It will allow you to do waypoints and stuff like that.