How to load MapSource to StreePilot c340


I recently saw a post on Amazon that reads as follows...

"Since I already have a Garmin handheld GPS unit as well as Garmin's MapSource Topo mapping software, I used the unlock code that came with the c340 to unlock my MapSource maps for the unit. I then loaded the topo maps for the entire Western US onto an SD card (between 300-500 MB) and plugged it into the c340 to see what would happen. It worked! So now I have the c340's excellent built-in maps and POIs for on-road trips *and* Topo Maps available to me for off-road adventures."

Can anyone explain how he did this??

I'm pron to think that your

I'm pron to think that your c340 is reading all the Topo data off the SD card directly. The reason why I say this is because the c340 only has 2MB of internal Memory.

The c340 will read Map data but will not read or load POI's from the card directly aka on the fly.


topo maps

mparcel --

I don't have first-hand experience with this, but I think what you are describing is a situation where someone has purchased the a MapSource product (topo maps) from Garmin and then installed it on two GPS units.

If memory serves me correctly, I think this is allowed under some of Garmin's license agreements, so that may be why it's possible for the unlock code to work with a second unit.