Conversion software


Does anyone know of a program, preferably free, that can easily convert a csv file to the an1 format native to DeLorme Street Atlas USA. I can import csv files but there is a very small limit on the number of lines it can contain.

GPS conversion program

Check out GPS Utility, it might have what you're looking for. It converts between many different formats. The freeware versions supports up to 100 waypoints.

I use POIConverter.

I use POIConverter. Do a Google search for POI converter and you should find it.

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GPSBabel will do it

Including conversion with many formats including the an1 DeLorme and csv.

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File Conversion

Try GPS Babel at "" After I downloaded and unzipped it I started looking at the technobabel in the instructions on how to structure the DOS commands. Then I looked at the files again and found a file named GPSBabelGUI.exe. Click on it and you get a Windows type GUI interface. Much easier than trying to write code. Let me know if you have any problems and I will walk you through it.


The latest version works well for me and includes every possible file conversion I can imagine.

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