Using POI with streets and trips


EDIT: after reading through the forums i found what I was looking for Thanks for the great site.

Hello Forum users,this is my first post here and I am new to gps.

I was wondering if there was a way to use these poi files in Microsoft streets and trips 2008

I thank you for any info you could give me.

Glad you found your answer.

Glad you found your answer. I actually us MS Streets and Trips to create my POI files. I export the data to a CSV file.

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Streets and Trip and POI files

You can import POIs from this site into Streets and Trips. Here's how it works in version 2006.

Open Street and Trips
Select "Data" in the menu
Select "Import Data Wizard"
Select "Text Files" in the drop down box named "Files of Type"
Navigate to your POI file, highlight it then click "Open"
Select "Comma" then "Next"
Select "Longitude" for data type in column F1, "Latitude" for F2, "Name" for F3 and description for F4
Select "Finish"

You can also use Streets and Trips to create POIs for this site but it requires a few more steps and a freeware GPS program called GPS Utility. Locate your push pins where you want them using Streets and Trips and then save the file. Use GPS Utility to open the Streets and Trip data file and then resave the data as a CVS (text) file. Once saved you'll need to open the file in Wordpad or Excel in order to manipulate the data columns into the correct order for a GPS POI file.

If your GPS doesn't support routes, you can use it to make a trip route POI. Use Streets and Trips to select waypoints along your route and then save it as a POI file using the steps above. Once loaded into your GPS, select the POI and then select the first waypoint. Once you get to that waypoint, select the next one and navigate to it.