Reminder...turn back the clocks tonight


If you live in one of the few areas that don't participate in this biannual ritual, please disregard this public service message....

The rest of y'all, it's that time of year again, albeit altered by that act of government that made it a week later than it used to's time to turn back the clocks. So, tonight before bed...change those clocks you have about the house that don't change for themselves. And, sometime tomorrow, go to your favorite place to buy batteries, and replace the batteries in your smoke & CO detectors in your house...and change the batteries in any other gadgets that are a part of your life that you depend upon to monitor your health and well-being....Always remember - twice a year: Change your clocks, change your batteries!!

This concludes our public service, back to our regular programming....

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I forgot about the time

I forgot about the time change. Thanks smile

Me too!

I remembered yesterday, but I forgot today.
Thanks for the reminder.

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Yes, it is a good thing for

Yes, it is a good thing for a number of reasons beside the time thing...

Did it last weekend.

Did it last weekend. Remembering usually is the weekend before Halloween. Then found out it was changed to this weekend instead.

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When in Canada,

do as Canadians do, eh?

Except I found during my travel north of the border that our unilateral decision in Washington, D.C. has forced our northern brethren to follow suit.

Now I have to adjust my departure time from the hotel to make sure I catch the right BC Ferry. And how come I can't switch my car odometer to kilometers so I don't have to do the conversion every time I see the road signs?

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Time Change -

Got it covered, but thanks for the reminder. One hour extra sleep - how can you go wrong? Life is good.


Hi, I have a 1996 Lincoln Continental and a 2002 Cadillac STS and can switch both of them between kilometers and miles as well as gallons and litres.
We ( Canada ) did the switch to metric in 1974 I think. I believe the US is the only country on the "English" system now, although a lot of the vehicles and machinery made there are showing up with metric bolts and hardware. What with the globalization of business and corporations,I believe it's only a matter of time until the US changes too, although the cost would likely be very, very high.


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Does the GPS update the time change itself or do you have to manually set it?


Most units received the DST correction in a firmware update. But some (very few) didn't. If your time is correct (after getting a satellite lock today), then your unit has the correction. If your time is incorrect, then it doesn't and you will need to manually change it.

Now two hours behind me

gerrydrake wrote: live in Arizona...don't have to bother with that.

My daughter & her husband just moved to AZ in August (Sahaurita). They were three hours behind my time (Mass.) now only two.

I wish we didn't have to change the clocks. It seems to be such an outdated practice. I believe it was for the benefit of the farmers.

I did enjoy the extra hour sleep though. smile

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Time change

Just split the difference (1/2 hr) and leave it there.

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DST Dates

This URL has DST dates through 2009:

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thank you

thank you

Thanks God that the time

Thanks God that the time change happens on a weekend and that too sometime after midnight.
In PST timezone 2:00 AM was set as 1:00 AM.
I wonder what would happen, if somebody has set a meeting for 1:30 AM!
They would encounter the time twice. smile
(just a thought)

The Longest Weekend

When I worked night shift as a nurse we had to work the extra hour without pay. We also had to adjust medications and assessments because there were two 1am to 2am hours! It was always the hardest and literally the longest night of the year.

On another time change weekend I flew a late Saturday night flight from Seattle to Philadelphia with a layover in Chicago. In Chicago we had to sit on the ground an extra hour for the clock to catch up with us.

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And don't forget

the digital cameras. That is if you remembered 6 month ago. cool

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Got it...