Garmin Nuvi 250W


Anybody out there who owns a Garmin Nuvi 250W ? Your thoughts and comments on the unit. I will appreciate your input. Thanks.


I love it

I own a Nuvi 200W which is basically the same as the 250W except it only has U.S. maps. This is my first GPS unit so I thought I would start out with a base model at a lower price to see if I would like it. I spent time on the internet looking at different models but what finally won me over was the wide screen. The display is bright enough in any condition I’ve driven in and the audio is plenty loud enough as long as your radio volume is within reason.

Downloading different vehicles for your display and POI files add to the enjoyment of owning a GPS when you have no place to drive.

My wife likes it as well. It seems every time we travel we get lost at least once. It makes a trip less stressful on me and her and on top of that it’s fun.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

My friend has this unit and

My friend has this unit and I think it is a pretty good unit when compared with C530. In fact, it is better in terms of its dimensions. They function similarly too...

I received one for

I received one for Christmas.

Seems to be pretty good so far. My only issue is in how long it takes to acquire Satelites sometimes.

Garmin Nuvi 250W

I've had mine for about 8 weeks, and like it better than my more-expensive TomTom GO 910. The Garmin is so simple to use, the CSRs are helpful, POIs are simple to create and load, the screen can be seen even in sunlight, it's portable, and more. A winner of a product. Far better than I was expecting for an "entry" level GPSr. Only downside is that the "manual" is not detailed enough. But there are Web sites like this one that will get you up to speed very quickly.

You won't regret buying one.

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