City Navigator V2008 and the C530


I went and requested the City Nav update. I loaded it to my laptop but I can't unlock the maps. I have an unlock code that came with my C530. I called and talked with Garmin today and was told that I will need a unique unlock code for the version 2008. This code is generated once I connect the 530 to the laptop and update the maps.
I don't want to update the units maps. I need a full set of maps for US&Canada and the update is too large to load all of the maps. I only want to use mapsource to manage waypoints. Is the information from Garmin on the level? How can I use the maps on my laptop. I asked for a DVD of the City Nav v8 and was told that they are unavaiable.

I read a review of the 2008 update where the author ran 3 or 4 trips comparing the v8 & v2008 and there was no differencein times driving or routes used. So I ask you did we really add that many new roads in North America that Garmin can't load the maps to a GPSr thats 1 year old or is this just a plan to sell newer GPS

I was able to load the maps onto my c530

What I did was to load the lower 48 states on the c530, and then using "MapInstall" which was loaded onto my PC by the update, I loaded each of the Canadian Provinces plus Alaska onto my SD card. When the SD card is in the C530, I have access to all of the maps (I may need to add HI, but haven't at this point).
That will also load all of the maps into Mapsource. BTW, the unlock code comes with the DVD.

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Any time you get new maps

Any time you get new maps from Garmin they need to be unlocked. Previous versions of maps CitySelect and then CityNavigator provided keys for unlocking the maps to 2 units. You could load and use the maps on 2 GPS receivers. The latest version - v2008 which should have simply been called v9 - is limited to a single unlock and can only be used with one GPS receiver. No matter what version you use, however, you must unlock it in order to use it. The unlock key should have been provided with your update software. Often it is located between two pieces of the cardboard packaging and is easy to overlook.

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Can You Install ALL the NEW MAPS on the SD CARD??

Hi, Can you install all the new maps on the SD card? I wonder if you could. THis way u can still leave the older maps that came with the c530 on it and if need be switch back and forth. Hmmmm...I wonder if this can be done. Has anyone attempted this? Thanks!