Contributors of the week 2007-10-22


This week we are recognizing Drdevo and Giscard as our contributors of the week.

Drdevo, you took on the task of creating the highly desired time zone file. I know that many of us will be using that file and we all appreciate the time and energy that you invested in that project. Great Job!!!

Giscard, You took on the Holiday Inn chain and got it submitted this week, I can see that you spend just a few hours putting together the 2,850 locations all by yourself. This will be a coveted file on the site also.

Great job everyone.

Now for an announcement. I am adding a new feature to the site today.

The weekly Chatty Kathy Thread.... there will be a new thread started with this title each week and those of you that just want to chat (who could that be?) can chat all you want in your own thread. Those of you that don't want to read chatter can hit the skip button when new a new post is made.

I will start the new thread each week after I post the contributor of the week thread.

Miss Poi

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I am humbled

and honored by this award. I'd like to thank my ...... -wink-

I don't want to annoy anyone with a long speech. But it bears repeating that this is the ONLY website that I contribute anything to. I'll search and read the 100s of others but I'll always come back here to share any information that will help everyone.

And many thanks to Miss Poi and JM for their incredible work on this site.


Congrats to both!

Great job. Well done.

Miss POI, great idea for Chatty Kathy.

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Well deserved !

Well deserved for your efforts.
Not a Holiday Inn user but certainly can use
the Time Zone Change POI's on my trips. Planning
on a 4500 miles trip in Dec. 3 diffferent time
zones but two different routes out & back !
I remember a recent trip through the FL Panhandle
and the "discussions" between Better Half & myself
about where the time changed !
Nice work !

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Congratulations to Drdevo and Giscard.

Miss POI: thanks for listening. This Chat room will be great for some users!!!



Congratulations to our COW winners and thanks to Miss POI for another great addition to an already wonderful web site.

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Thanks for the hard work in putting this together. Looking forward to using it on my next roadtrip.

Congrats to you both!

Congrats to you both!

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COW- 10-22-07

Congratulations to you both.

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...and congrats to this week's COW recipients!

What, no M. Snerd or Knucklehead thread for the guys Miss POI? wink


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Congratulations on a job

Congratulations on a job well done.

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Congrats people!! Ray

Congrats people!!


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Thank you!

Thank you, and I do hope some folks find my shared files as valuable as I have found those of others who also shared here.

Happy Halloween!


Very nice work

You have given me the idea of working on POI for the county Fairgrounds in Ohio..

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Congrats to both of you!

Congrats to both of you! Bill, I will be using that HI file. I am a platinum member and spend more time at Holiday Inns (mostly Express) around the country than I do at home! Thanks for the hard work that went into that one.


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Congrats to Drdevo and Giscard! I know a lot of people will be using the files you have created.

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Congrats Guys! Thanks for

Congrats Guys! Thanks for the hard work!

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Congrads To both of you Drdevo and Giscard

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Congrats to both.

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