c530 slow to update 3D map


I just got my C530, and it is great. This website has been a good resource already.

One thing I've noticed with the C530 is that the 3D map can be slow to update.

For example: upon turning onto a street, it sometimes takes several blocks before the 3D map rotates, and shows my car driving "upward". In these cases, the 3D map actually shows me driving sideways across the map. It *is* showing me on the correct street, but for some reason the street remains horizontal, rather than going vertical.

It can also lag behind my actual location. Sometimes I'll pass through an intersection, and the C530 will indicate that I'm still half a block away.

Other times, the C530 seems quite accurate and quick to adjust based on the direction I turn.

I have the most recent software update, and I have tried turning WAAS on & off, with no apparent change in behavior.

Is this normal for the unit?

C530 with TTS mod


I havent noticed that maybe it is your unit. I have noticed that seems to be a little slow when turning on. But once it is on it works fine.