Vehicle type in Navigation setup


What changes does the unit make between vehicle types of Car/Motorcycle, Truck, Bus, Emergency, Taxi?

route calculations

I found a note in the manual for my SP2610 that says these settings affect the roads that are chosen in route calculations, but I didn't see any specifics on what's different for each settting.


Vehicle type settings

I drive a truck for a living. I use my C330 on a daily basis. But I can tell you that it does use different routes for truck than for car/motorcycle. I can also tell you don't depend on it to keep you off no truck routes! Unless you are driving a big truck I would just use the car/motorcycle settings.


When using my C330 in my RV, I set it to BUS setting.
It seams to avoid the "Make U turn when possable" message.
Thats about the only plus I see for the different settings.


Vehicle settings

I have noticed that when I set the GPS for the truck, it will avoid the smaller width roads when it was planning the routes for me. The car setting would use the narrower secondary roads when planning the routes to the same locations from the same start points.


Vehicle type in Navigation setup

The vehicle-type change has two results. One of them is what you Jeepin04 wrote: certain roads are marked as being usable only by certain vehicles (i.e. no cycling on motorways). The other is that when the unit is calculating the fastest route it knows different top speeds for different types of vehicle on different types of road.

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