Using Europe navigator SD card in 660


Here is the question: I just got an SD card with European maps. My Nuvi 660 recognizes it and will show me where I am. My concern is some vague language about "preprogrammed Micro SD cards should not be used for saving MapSource maps ..." I know little about my Nuvi except that I want to make sure that if I put in addresses in Spain to guide me, I will not somehow be erasing my new almost $300 Europe Navigator SD card. Second part of question - does anyone know if I can save the contents of the Europoe Navigator SD card to my laptop, then reload into a larger (2-4 gig) SD card, so as to have more memory? Or - can I just download the European maps straight into my Nuvi Memory somehow?

Tips and help appreciated - as I sit in Lyon Fr and will be driving in Spain in three days. Mahalo, Merci, and Gracias

Map locked to SD card.

AIUI, these maps are locked to the SD card they are delivered on. (SD=Secure Digital wink ... in which case, if you copy them anywhere else, they won't work.

I assume there's not a 'xxxx.UNL' file on the SD card containing a 25 digit unlock code? (where 'xxxx' matches the name of the .IMG file.)

I think the Mapsource warning, is just to warn you not to overwrite the file that is on the card (presumably GMAPSUPP.IMG?).

Personally, I'd slide the Write-Protect 'tab' to the 'lock' setting wink

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Your SD card should be ROM, not RAM

Your SD card should be ROM, not RAM, so you cannot write to it.`

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Re: Write Protect

Great idea. I will look up which way (away or towards the notched end) is write protected. Card doesn't say ... Thanks.

Re: ROM v. RAM

Hadn't thought of that. Per my earlier comment, I will write protect in case it is RAM...