POI Download that has extension .cvs.txt


Can someone explain how these .cvs.text files show up on my c340 after they are loaded in by using POI loader. I have this one file which is the location of all Dunkin Donuts locations in the US. it is a 836KB file . Before I load it I would like to know how it shows up on the GPS screen --Al

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POI file

POI file extension is either .gpx or .csv. You'll have to remove the .text and load it with POI Loader as a .csv file. On your gps, go to menu, my locations and you'll see a Custom POIs.

nuvi 2460LMT


Poi-Loader takes all of your .csv and .gpx files and combimes them into a file called poi.gpi under garmin\poi on your GPS unit. On the Nuvi 650 you go to Whereto - Extras - Custom Pois. to see your POIs