Help Editing Factory waypoints


I was looking through some of the Garmin
factory way points that were preloaded into
my c340. Well I noticed that some of the
locations have closed or relocated to a
new address. Is it possible to edit /
delete these pre-install locations?


No there is no way to edit

No there is no way to edit the pre-installed POI in the Nuvi. You can go to the Navtech web site and report it and it might be changed in the next map updates.You can report missing or inaccurate mapping problem here for the Nuvi's.


Yes you can edit thes way points and rename , change address and ETC. with No problem then it will recalculate and take you there

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Auggie, When I pull up

When I pull up the pre set factory Way Points there is no edit button for me to tap. Could you explain in detail how this is done... thanks for your help, I'm hoping I can change some of these.....



I Think your units is similar to the other garmans so when you go to your pois click on one of them you should see a button somewhere on the screen that reads ADVANCED click on it then you can edit name address and So ON Hope this works for you

Auggie SP2720 , SP C330, Nuvi 650, Nuvi 785T,Dezl 770lmt America Moves By Truck

Not available on streetpilot c500 series

I do not believe the c500 series has the capability to edit the factory installed pois. There is no ADVANCED button when you click on one, only a GO button.

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Many, if not most, GPS units

Many, if not most, GPS units don't give you an easy way to modify the factory loaded POI's. The Mio C310x doesn't allow it at all.

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editing pre-installed POI

unfortunately the only thing i have found that can be done is adding my own waypoint with the correct information.

i have been seeing that in NJ a lot of the street addresses are off. major cities are ok, though not perfect... the further out from nyc you get, the worse the data is off.

i have also tried easy gps, but this program only seems to upload waypoints and doesn't really allow me to edit ones i have already created.

anyone know any really good mapping software that works with the garmin nuvi350?