Find by intersection issue?


I'm doing pretty good, learning to use my new Nuvi 660, but I ran into a new puzzle today.

I had seen a previous topic that described how to locate a destination by intersection, so I thought I'd give this feature a try.

I know the intersections near where I wanted to go, so I started entering the information by steps. I put in the state, city and then tried to input the street name. Unfortunately it wouldn't allow me to just put in the street. It asked for the address number first and I had no idea what that was.

I wanted to just enter a street name and then the intersecting street name and have the Nuvi direct me there.

In the topic I mentioned that described doing this, it seemed that what I wanted to do was very simple. Am I doing something wrong or did I miss a setting or something?

I could use some help. smile

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Select Where to? > Intersections > (State) > (City) > Street 1 > Street 2

You shouldn't be asked for an address. Having said that, if asked for an address, select "DONE" and move on. Hope this helps.

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Ditto, that is exactly how it works on my c530

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Don't use city if you are

Don't use city if you are trying to locate something in the suburbs. I tried Broad and Cox and it would find it. The reason is cause I used Richmond as the city (cause that is the mailing address), but it was a different city when Idid find it.

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I'm feeling dumb right now. :(

I went back over the steps with a Garmin tech support person and realized that I had mistakenly thought the when it said "Street 1" it was asking me to enter a street address number…

oh well!

I've got that straight now.

Thank for the comments, especially aisianfire's suggestion about not using the city. I'll check that out next time I use this function.